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Christopher Columbus, magnificent bungler

Note:  This piece was first published in the Shoshone News-Press, October 12, 2003. Columbus sailed west from Spain on four separate voyages to get his hands on the spices, treasures, and especially the gold of India, China, and Japan, which … Continue reading

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Film Review: Today’s Special

This is another chef-makes-good film.  A little too predictable, a little corny, and the tension between father and son is a little too easy.  Yet.  And then again.  Maggie and I watched it last night and found the film thoroughly … Continue reading

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Film Review: Unfinished Sky

Okay, okay, call me a hopeless romantic — I really just don’t care.  If I’m a rancher living alone in the middle of nowhere in the Australian outback and an injured woman, who looks like Joan Baez and speaks no … Continue reading

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Carlson: Bruning, An Idaho Original

Note:  Reprinted, without permission, from By Chris Carlson The Carlson Chronicle His name was Rollie Bruning, though some called him “RJ” as his by-line in print was always R.J. Bruning. I thought about him the other day when I … Continue reading

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Gazing at the River

I try to walk Meistie, our little dog, once a day, usually around 3:30 in the afternoon.  Half of our walk takes us under the I-90 overpass that stretches along the north side of the South Fork of the Coeur d’Alene … Continue reading

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The Line of Scrimmage

Note:  Written in 1992. When I started the process of becoming a high school football “referee” a half-dozen years ago I had to put aside a fan’s perceptions and understandings of the game and take up an official’s instead. Everything … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: Howard Albert

Note:  Written March 3, 2004. Howard used to sit at the end of the bar in the old Albatross pub in Berkeley — alone usually, on the short leg of the bar’s L shape.  He was old and craggy-faced twenty … Continue reading

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