Film Review: Unfinished Sky

unfinished sky

Okay, okay, call me a hopeless romantic — I really just don’t care.  If I’m a rancher living alone in the middle of nowhere in the Australian outback and an injured woman, who looks like Joan Baez and speaks no English, suddenly shows up and collapses on my property while fleeing some terrifying threat — well, you can just count me in!

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2 Responses to Film Review: Unfinished Sky

  1. Richard Track says:

    I liked it. Nice evolution, only for the movies, of the woman’s character. The other movie was entertaining but a tour de force, Jeremy Irons. I can forgive most movies that give me a free trip to Eastern Europe, in this case Portugal. There was a recently done western on Netflix which was out and out the worst movie I have ever seen.

  2. ronroizen9 says:

    Appreciated your comment, Richard. The film comes to an abrupt – and surprisingly violent – end, and also leaves a few threads un-brought-together. But the reunion with the daughter was touching all the same. I wondered when she asked whether she would be “going home soon” at the end where exactly she meant. But I guess it was obvious by then that the outback ranch had become her home. Casting of the two leads was very good, especially the male lead for his silent gruffness. The dramatic disassembly of the puzzle was a nice touch – although I wondered if it gave due credit to his feelings for Katie, the deceased wife.

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