Film review: Ira & Abby



I don’t know.  Is this film “Woody Allen Lite”?  Or is it instead a parody or a spoof of a Woody Allen film?  You tell me!

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2 Responses to Film review: Ira & Abby

  1. Richard Track says:

    Check out a film called ‘Starlet’ also ‘True North’ not necessarily great but different, low budget pictures

  2. ronroizen9 says:

    Thanks for the tips, Richard. Always looking for good prospects. Watched Starlet last night. It was an interesting moral saga, albeit set in an unseemly context and perhaps a little too raw for my delicate tastes. I’m still thinking about the ending. [SPOILER ALERT] Was Sadie saying, in effect, both (1) that she had lied too in their relationship (by not revealing having had a daughter) and (2) that part of the reason for her participation in a relationship with Tess (note: the young slender girl seemed to have more than one name in the film) was as a stand-in for the daughter who had died? I take it that Sadie was still going to Paris, even after the brief scene in which the news about the found money caused her to start unpacking her valise. The contrasts in this film were stark: youth with old age; porn star with young woman struggling with her responsibility to reveal the found money; roommate with roommate. BTW, here is an anti-tip for a movie. That is, if you haven’t seen it yet by all means don’t see it! Title: White Reindeer.

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