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The effects of age on (my) human appearance

Me, at about age 35 (I’m guessing).            Same guy, age 70.

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More recently watched films

The Past:  This is a superb film.  What I liked best was its sublime moral consciousness.  There is no villain in this story.  Small moral problems — like chaos theory’s butterfly-flight effect on the atmosphere — create ripples that have … Continue reading

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Recently watched films

I’ve been remiss in not posting recent films I’ve watched.  Here’s a very brief account: Take Me Home:  An unlikely story about a New York woman who discovers her husband is having an affair and an unauthorized NY cabbie, and … Continue reading

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I remember “Millie,” my maternal grandmother, pretty much as pictured in this family shot.  (I suspect it was taken on the Berkeley campus somewhere, but perhaps Peter will have a better memory than I on this.)  Millie, whose real name … Continue reading

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