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Super brief reviews of films watched recently

Note:  I really should post some comments on films I couldn’t stand here.  But most of these I stopped watching midway through or even before.  So I can’t be sure they didn’t recoup some of their losses in the part … Continue reading

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The Eng and Chang bananas from Walmart

Look at them from Side A, and they look fine.  But roll them over, prop them up a little with a wooden spoon, so they don’t flop down, and Side B looks quite different. Side B’s side reveals that these … Continue reading

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John Lee Hooker’s Hobo Blues

Note: My old friend, Tony Governor, introduced me to the music of John Lee Hooker (and Jimmy Reed) a long, long time ago, when we were both in high school. Hooker’s soulful and mournful sound, and his compelling blues guitar … Continue reading

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