The Eng and Chang bananas from Walmart

Bananas, viewed on Side A

Bananas, viewed on Side A

Look at them from Side A, and they look fine.  But roll them over, prop them up a little with a wooden spoon, so they don’t flop down, and Side B looks quite different.

Side B’s side reveals that these two bananas, over about 80 percent of their lengths, actually share a common back cover or skin.  They, in turn, constitute my very first set of conjoined bananas.

Sure, double yolk eggs are not uncommon and I even liked to see the two-headed snake on display in a glass case at the California Academy of Sciences’ reptile room in Golden Gate Park.  But conjoined bananas!

I’ve been consuming bananas and buying them in the produce section at one grocery store or another for a long, long time.  But I’ve never before laid eyes on, or even heard of, conjoined bananas.  Have I been living in some sort of banana-experience darkened hollow, where the light never shines on these kinds of banana occurrences?  Do others see conjoined bananas all over the place?

Side B view, with wooden spoon for support

Side B view, with wooden spoon for support

I’ve named them (as my post’s title suggests) Eng and Chang.  (If you don’t know who Eng and Chang were, please consult Wikipedia.)

I don’t know, of course, whether they’d be happier if they were surgically separated.  This would require an operation by a qualified specialist.  I’m certainly not going to risk it myself. And I don’t think we have that sort of fruit vet up here in North Idaho.  (I’ll have to check the web.)

For all I know, they are perfectly happy bananas the way they are.  They don’t appear overly bruised or browned by their life experience so far.  Naturally, I’m curious to know whether the interior fleshes of these two bananas are also conjoined — making them, arguably, one banana, albeit with two, well, banana exteriors.

Stay tuned for updates — that is, more specifically, until tomorrow morning, when I’ll make coffee and settle in for a banana (or two) with breakfast.

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3 Responses to The Eng and Chang bananas from Walmart

  1. Margo says:

    We will be very interested in finding your scientific answer to the question as to weather or not the banannas are conjoined inside or just on the outside. I can say I’ve never seen a conjoined bananna in my life either. Curious. margo

    • ronroizen9 says:

      Well, this morning’s breakfast revealed two nicely formed and fully independent bananas after all. The skin, however, turned out to be a single entity covering both. I’d wondered if perhaps merely a thin connective tissue spanned the backs of the bananas, like the web between a duck’s toes. But that wasn’t the case — it turned out, instead, that a fully legitimate and thick skin spanned the two banana’s “backs.” This was no almost-conjoint-itude at all but the real deal! You may have noticed in the two slides (above) that Eng and Chang actually shared a single stalk, another indication of their conjoint character. And, yes, I did eat Eng this morning, and bagged Chang for later consumption. Darwin referred to these sorts of things as “sports” of nature. But Eng didn’t really have a sporting chance when it came to getting my banana-delivered potassium dose this morning! Thanks for your comment, Margo!

  2. Margo says:

    A first time for everything…..nice to know you didn’t have to eat them both together. The flaw was only skin deep. Tells you something dosen’t it?

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