Maggie in motion

Maggie-1973Today was my first day of mucking out the garage.  It’s something Maggie had wanted us to do for years.  But I always found something better to do.  So I put off the task.  Life is a strange duck.  Maggie’s passing made doing something about the mess in the garage an imperative. And over the course of today’s efforts — in fact at Shoshone County’s transfer station, as I was dumping stuff — I chanced upon this photo of her.  I’d never seen it before.  If the boy is Caleb, then he must be about four, which would make the picture’s date about 1975.  That, in turn, would make Maggie about 30, plus or minus a year.  I like that she is in motion.  She looks imbued with purpose.  That was our Maggie:  imbued with purpose.

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4 Responses to Maggie in motion

  1. Caleb says:

    Great pic and post! My take: that is Demian. He is about 6-7 and she is pregnant with me.

    • ronroizen9 says:

      Thanks Caleb. Seb has made the same comment offblog — i.e., about Maggie being pregnant in the photo. That would date it to the first half of 1971, which would make Maggie 25, not 30, in the picture.

  2. Margo Gill Linscott says:

    What a sweet photo……Really makes me miss her even more. I could scan it into my computer and clean it up if you’re interested. Glad you’re out doing something. Hope the obit is finished and out the door. Thinking of you. m&i

    • ronroizen9 says:

      Thanks for your comment, Margo. No need to spruce up the picture, I think, but appreciate the offer.

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