FILM: The Search for General Tso

General Tso's Chicken anyone?

General Tso’s Chicken anyone?

Who makes a film about the history of a single Chinese dish — in this case one called “General Tso’s Chicken”?  Actually, this film offers considerably more.  A social history of Chinese settlement and the Chinese restaurant in America is interweaved with the film’s quest for the origins of this single notable dish.  I watched this film in the evening the day before yesterday.  And then, yesterday, I drove over to Wah Hing‘s, in Kellogg, to see if they offered the same dish. They did, although under a different-sounding general’s name — something the movie had prepared me for.  How could I not order it?  I had Meistie waiting for me in the car, so I got takeout.  A nice treat was in store when I got home.  General Tso’s Chicken is bathed in a quite vinegary sauce, giving the dish a different take on savory-and-sweet flavor.  Good eating.  (The Village Voice‘s full review of this unlikely but rewarding film is here.)

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