Maggie’s at age 10, in her fifth grade class picture

Maggie-third grade I’m still clearing out the garage, bringing books up to the house and generally cleaning it (the garage) up and cleaning it out.  I’ve made good progress.  Yesterday, I found a very tattered, worn, and badly dusty — bedraggled, really — class picture, dating from Spring, 1956.  All the students of Sister Robert Anne’s 5th grade class at St. Thomas Aquinas Grammer School — all 47 of them — were pictured individually in small, 1.25″ X 0.875″ portraits.  These were presented collectively on an 8.5″ X 11″ sheet of glossy.  A shot of the Sister-teacher, Robert Anne, completes the one-page set.  The individual student shots are not name-labeled, but I’m certain the shot to the left is our Maggie, age 10.  Blown-up this way the shot gets pretty fuzzy.  But no matter.  I think it speaks volumes and I was so pleased to find it.  A year has passed since she left and yet in some ways — in this house these days — it’s as if she never left at all.  Lots of staying power has she.  Love you, Maggie.

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