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Alexis’s lovely Thanksgiving Facebook post

Editor’s note:  Daughter Alexis captured more than a little about Maggie’s Thanksgiving routine in her lovely post at her Facebook page this morning.  Thanks, Alexis!  Dad In some ways, Thanksgiving is the day that honors my Mom the most. Today … Continue reading

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November 22nd: This would have been Maggie’s 70th birthday

Miss you, Maggie, every day.

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An old quote

Note:  I have an old black-cover, large format notebook whose entries date from the time when I was collecting material on Herschel Grynszpan.  The first entry therein is dated March 5, 1981.  All manner of notes, correspondence, clippings, xeroxes, and … Continue reading

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Remembering Nellie Jane Stockbridge

Note:  The writing of this brief piece was a spin-off from recent background work I’ve been doing in connection with an informal local committee seeking to bring a permanent display of the Barnard-Stockbridge collection’s images to Wallace.  This article — … Continue reading

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Today’s riddle — answer provided tomorrow

Riddle:  What’s the difference between a short-order cook at a popular breakfast joint and a neurologist at a major hospital? Answer:  One needs EGGs; the other, EEGs.

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