Alexis’s lovely Thanksgiving Facebook post

Editor’s note:  Daughter Alexis captured more than a little about Maggie’s Thanksgiving routine in her lovely post at her Facebook page this morning.  Thanks, Alexis!  Dad

Alexis and Maggie Thanksgiving

Alexis’s laugh and Maggie’s less than entirely pleased response to Dad’s unorthodox smile-for-the-camera prompt

In some ways, Thanksgiving is the day that honors my Mom the most. Today was her day. She loved the preparation and cooking, handing out small bowls of gravy and biscuit to sample, sipping on some of that good white wine, snapping when anyone tried to eat before the meal, blasting George Winston, but mostly sitting down to the table—ever so slightly buzzed—and hungry only for the compliments of her effort, beauty and taste of her meal by those dining with her. She never ate much on Thanksgiving—I think the booze might have played a wee part—she wasn’t in it for the flavors of the plate, but instead the love of the people who pulled up a chair to her table and that she could serve a beautiful feast to. This gem is my first ‪#‎TBThanksgivingThursday‬ brought to you by Dad’s photography skills and smile encouragement with, ‘Say Clitoris!’ Happy Thanksgiving all.

— Alexis Roizen

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