The colored redwoods mural


I’ve been rummaging though some old, yellowed envelopes containing negatives my father stored for safekeeping a long time ago.  I’ve also had the good fortune to find a web page that converts a scanned negative into a positive free of charge.  Anyhow, I stumbled upon the above image just now.  It has a history.  It, or one very like it, became the basis of a very large mural that once covered much of the back wall of our family’s Tahoe cabin’s front room.  The mural was colored as I recall, but I believe those colors were added by hand.  The image was so large that it had to be printed in two pieces and you could see a lateral (somewhat jagged, as I remember it) line running horizontally across the mural if you looked very carefully.  I would guess this trip to Sequoia National Park happened soon after our family’s arrival in California — possibly 1952 or 1953.  You cannot quite see it, but Peter has actually stuck his penknife into the redwood next to him; let’s hope there’s a statute of limitations on this sort of thing.  What I see now in this picture is how very much my parents loved to take in the natural wonders of their newly adopted home.  That romance would soon come to include Lake Tahoe as well, and the little cabin that provided the wall space for this imposing mural.

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