My father at 3 1/2, with his mother


More rummaging, today, turned up this photo of my father as a toddler, with his mother, Brana (whom I knew as “Betty”), in 1927.  Interestingly, the photo’s envelope identifies it as “Mother and Joe Rosen.”  And so “Rosen” must have been Joe’s and the family’s surname at this point.  Pictures of my father as a child are as rare as hen’s teeth, and pictures of his mother even rarer.  So I regarded this as a bit of a find.  I’m guessing this picture was taken at their home in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts in the Lauentian Mountains. Little Joe’s knee-length navy jumper, his scarf, the center part of his hair, and his angelic, heart-shaped face may be especially noted.  Brana and Berl’s passport, dated August, 1924, documents that their surname at that point was “Roizen.”  How that name became “Rosen” by the date of the above picture is unknown to me.  (Aunt Molly, are you willing to hazard a guess?)  And then how the “Roizen” surname became reinstalled — at least by the time of my father’s and my mother’s marriage, in February, 1943 — is also unknown.

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