Chess report, Charles’s visit, August 2016


Well, Charles and I managed to get in nine games over his three-full-day stay.  I managed to win the first game because of a “finger failure” on his part and the closely coordinated cooperation of my two knights in a flanking attack.  He came back with a win in the second game.  Then the score went to 2-2 when the next two games were split.  Then, after seven games, I was actually ahead 4-3.  But then Charles won nice games in the succeeding two contests, particularly in the ninth and final game, bringing the final outcome to:

Charles, 5; Ron, 4.

The games were very boldly played on both sides and the clock figured as a factor in almost all of them — either encouraging more rapid play as it wore down or determining the outcome when one or the other player’s flag dropped, which happened in two cases.

Old and familiar foes battling it out.  A great game for those of who love it.

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2 Responses to Chess report, Charles’s visit, August 2016

  1. margo139 says:

    Hi Ron,

    Congratulations on either a gracious connection or a real competitive win by Charles.

    We return to 83873 tomorrow and are hoping we might sign up for a night at the movies with you….People, Places, Things perhaps.

    We were in Pasadena over the weekend visiting a friend who just found a new house out in the hills. Quite warm but enjoyed our stay. See you soon. m


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