A short message to the new Scottish wing of the family

I had a long drive back to North Idaho from the wedding, made especially long by the roundabout route I took.  It was a very good trip though; for reasons I’ll touch upon in future posts.  Along the way, and as it happened, I passed a lot of the driving time listening to the brilliant Scottish composer and musician, Gerry Rafferty.  His droning and melancholy music, often reminiscent of a bagpipe’s sad but strong wail, seemed somehow particularly appropriate after the high and happy times of the two wedding days and celebrations.  I particularly got hooked, this time, on Rafferty’s “When We Were Young We Used to Sing,” which starts at 32:25 in the above YouTube video.  Listen to it carefully a couple of times and you may sense why it fit my post-wedding and reflective mood so well.  So nice to have all of you in our family!  Esp., of course, Stewart.

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2 Responses to A short message to the new Scottish wing of the family

  1. margo139 says:

    I can hear why you enjoyed these particular lyrics appealed to you Ron and although you weren’t singing at Alexis graduation I remember a very good pantomime which had me fooled for a long time. Also remember Alexis singing in the Helen Keller play. Memorable.

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