French film, Standing Tall


Watched this new French film, on Netflix, last night.  Though by no means a great film, it’s nevertheless an interesting watch for at least two reasons.  First, it offers a sympathetic — as opposed to muckraking and critical — perspective on France’s juvenile justice system.  Catherine Deneuve (pictured above — and incidentally an old heartthrob of mine) plays the wise and forbearing judge faced with what to do with a youth plagued with serious frustration, anger, and self-control problems.  Second, the portrait painted of this troubled youth is quite good — including an intelligence-deprived, too-young mom, trying situations, and an errant sense of bravado-soaked personal honor.  The film’s final resolution, at the end, was perhaps a necessary denouement — although it comes off, I’m afraid, not quite credible.  Still, certainly a worth-watching film.  And Ms. Deneuve, who’s only a month younger than yours truly, is still a knockout!

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