Rossi case: Roster of Rossi posts

Dahlquist procession a

Posts So Far

(1) ‘Rossi case:  The telling case of Herman J. Rossi’s murder of Clarence “Gabe” Dahlquist — some first few words

(2) “Rossi case:  The proximate instigation

(3) “Rossi case:  Rossi shoots Dahlquist at Samuels Hotel

 (4) “Rossi case:  Clarence Dahlquist’s surprising procession to the Depot

 (5) “Rossi case:  Rossi surrenders his freedom

 (6) “Rossi case:  Rossi’s resume

(7) “Rossi case:  Rossi and the fraternal organizations as agents of pro-Rossi bias

 (8) “Rossi case:  Rossi’s mine holdings, wealth, and networks of contacts

 (9) “Rossi case:  Mabel Strikes Back

(10) “Rossi case:  Our first really good look at Mabel

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4 Responses to Rossi case: Roster of Rossi posts

  1. Richard Caron says:

    I enjoyed your last blog, I can see the divorce as being as interesting as the murder, maybe more so.

    It seems to me that her attorney would have a hell of a conflict of interest as he represented her husband in the murder trial. Maybe the more interesting question is why did he take her case.

    Am having a few friends over for snacks and drinks, if your up for it please stop by. We’ll get together about 5:00 this evening for an hour or two.

    416 1/2 6th st. Up stairs Apt. 4

    • ronroizen9 says:

      I deal with “The Plummer Problem” — i.e., Mabel’s attorney’s situation — in the upcoming post. Please stay tuned! And thank you for the invitation, Dick. I got home too late yesterday to take you up on it, unfortunately. What’s so terrific about the Rossi murder and divorce cases is the wealth of documentary material available in the newspapers and at the Shoshone and Kootenai courthouses. I just happened to see an apt Confucius quote this morning that read: “Pale ink is better than the most retentive memory.” Thanks for commenting. And Happy New Year!

  2. John Schwada says:

    RON, here’s a question from left-field: you wrote a blog about gifting a copy of Alain Cuenot’s book about H. Grynszpan to SF atty Joe Matthews. I’m trying to track down a copy – or make a copy – of Cuenot’s book (of which there are only about 5 copies in the U.S.!!!). Wondering if Matthews still has the Cuenot volume and how to get hold of him. Or perhaps you have a copy of your own that I can take a look at? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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