Film Review: The City of Your Final Destination

Destination City Film

This is a very watchable film (2010), with some very good performances.  Laura Linney, contrary to type, plays a heartless and obstinate widow — and plays her character well, even with her native gifts of sympathetic eyes and gentle ways.  Anthony Hopkins plays an aging gay dandy with a golden heart all the same — and plays it well too.  I particularly liked the young would-be author and the young mother he becomes attracted to in the encampment in Uruguay.  There were annoying bits, I confess.  I wish the writers had come out earlier in the film that the would-be author was trying to write his doctoral dissertation — and not just some vaguely defined “book.”  (I did some pondering afterward as to why the writers did that — and maybe you will too.)  The would-be author’s official girlfriend, back at the University of Colorado’s literature faculty, was substantially overdrawn, IMHO, and, with that, too easily disliked for a plausible romance between them to have happened.  Yet the film had traction in its truths.  And the final scene, at the opera, in New York City was a wonderful way to find resolution for the intertwined stories.  The very tall figures on the stage, in luminous colors, were an eyeful too.  Very watchable film.  Like I said.

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