Family History: Two new photos

Aarons sister - poss my great grandmother - baby Joe

Possibly my maternal great grandmother with my infant father

My second cousin, Miriam Diamant Brenner, who lives in Israel, has kindly sent two new photos.  One (left), in particular, is notable because Miriam suggests it’s a picture of baby Joe (my father) held by (possibly) his grandmother (my great grandmother).  I’m guessing — because Miriam belongs to the Diamant side of the family — she’d be my grandmother’s mother, not my grandfather’s mother.  Miriam did not know her name; and, neither, sadly, do I.  I’ve never seen a candidate image before of my great grandmother.  This, therefore, is a very nice find, and gift.

The second image (below) is of my father’s Uncle Aaron’s mother, Aaron, and one of Aaron’s sisters.  Clearly, the right side of this photo was torn and repaired, thus distorting the sister’s left eye.  Aaron was my grandmother’s, Brana’s, younger brother.   That, in turn, would make Aaron’s mother, also pictured, my maternal great grandmother.  Or, in other words, possibly the same woman pictured in the first photo, although at different ages.  Aaron had three sisters — Brana, Riva, and Jenny.  Based on other family photos I’ve seen, my guess is that the pretty girl pictured would be Jenny.

Thank you very much, Miriam, for sharing these!

Aarons mother - Aaron - Aarons sisterAaron’s mother, Aaron, one of Aaron’s sisters

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One Response to Family History: Two new photos

  1. ronroizen9 says:

    Wait a minute! My memory was failing me. I mentioned my father’s mother’s mother is the memorial tribute I wrote for him in 1989. I wrote: “From about 1934 to 1938 my grandmother, her mother Sarah — a strong woman much respected in my family’s lore — and young Joe ran a small deli.” If the woman pictured in these two shots is the same grandmother, then her name was Sarah, Sarah Diamant. One mystery solved!

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