Roster of Wallace and Wallace Posts

Map-Half Breed Tract

  1.  Part 1 — The February, 1889 land rush and Col. Wallace’s explanations
  2.  Part 2 — Col. Wallace’s account of his dealings with the General Land Office in Coeur d’Alene
  3.  Part 3 — Col. Wallace’s appeals to the GLO, and the Interior Secretary’s review
  4.  Part 4(a) — The Half Breed Tract, in Minnesota
  5.  Part 4(b) — Half-breed scrip
  6.  Part 4(c) — Disputes over land claims in the Half Breed Tract after 1850
  7.  Part 5 — Walter Bourke, Col. Wallace’s scrip’s original scripee
  8.  Part 6(a) — Cheating surrounding half-breed scrip
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