Mary White Gordon’s memoir is published, at last!

6x9_Front_Cover - 1.1 - from template.jpgIt’s available at last! Mary White Gordon’s A CHILD’S-EYE VIEW has finally made it through the editing process and can be bought at Here’s the little description on the book’s back cover:

Why did Mary’s father, Henry White, send his shirts all the way to Chicago for laundering? What was it like to coast one’s bike at breakneck speed down one of the long wooden flumes that decorated the steep canyons around Wallace? Did Mrs. Hoyt’s “big gray earthen jar” of taffy never empty? And what was the town’s reaction when Mr. McCarthy left his wife at home and took his “pretty nurse” with him to Hawaii instead? These and so many more questions about life and times in the frontier mining town of Wallace, Idaho – in the decade before the Great 1910 Fire – are answered in Mary White Gordon’s wholly absorbing and warmly affectionate memoir.


The link:

The “Preview” pages at Lulu’s website for this slender volume allow one to read Kinyon Gordon’s “Introduction” and my “Editor’s Note.”

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2 Responses to Mary White Gordon’s memoir is published, at last!

  1. I’m looking forward to receiving my physical copy, which they said shipped already. I think this is a really valuable resource for Wallace–thank you SO MUCH For putting it together, Ron!

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