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Don’t-miss-it film alert!

“Not One Less” is its title.  The regular teacher at an impoverished rural Chinese primary school needs to take a month off to care for his ailing mother.  The only available sub is a 13-year-old girl from a neighboring village.  … Continue reading

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A “Catch” in the NFL and in MLB

The pro football season is drawing to a close and once again no little controversy has surrounded the NFL’s rules. If I had to pick, I’d say the two biggest issues this past season have been (1) what defines a … Continue reading

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Walking Back Flint’s Childhood Blood Lead Crisis

Originally published in the Shoshone News Press on Janurary 23, 2019.  This article is now available in French, here, translated by Mathilde Guibert. Chart borrowed from Mother Jones’ commentary on Gómez and Dietrich’s op-ed. Because I took an active part in the … Continue reading

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