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Disappointment: The Story of James F. Callahan, Wallace, Idaho’s Unluckiest Mining Millionaire

by Ron Roizen The life of miner James Francis Callahan (12 August 1858 – 12 June 1921) — more usually known as “Jim” – affords, at the same time, one of the most heartening and most disheartening tales in the … Continue reading

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Jim Wardner’s Biggest Whopper

by Ron Roizen The tall tale is a revered part of the American West’s cultural fabric.  Wyoming’s notorious jackalope and the outlandish 19th-century prevarications of fellow journalists Mark Twain and Dan de Quille, at Virginia City, Nevada’s Territorial Enterprise newspaper, … Continue reading

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Notes on Coronavirus – Testing’s Importance Overstated

by Ron Roizen Cable news has been decrying the state and national shortages of coronavirus testing capacity. But I’m not convinced the shortage is as problematic as it’s touted to be. Why are tests important in the first place? Testing’s … Continue reading

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Coronavirus – Some Historical and Statistical Context

by Ron Roizen ____________ NOTE:  This post, in Georgian, is available here, translated by Ana Mirilashvili. ____________ As of today, some big numbers are being suggested for the novel coronavirus’s potential death toll in the United States – ranging from … Continue reading

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